Agents how to submit your listings.

  • First “Register” then “Login”
  • Edit your “Profile”

    Before uploading ads please edit your profile and provide details needed to verify your business.

    Submitted ads cannot be approved until your profile is completed.

  • Click “Post an Ad”

If you are using for the first time you will be prompted to select a Membership.
Agent  (Free advertising of 5 properties)
Agent 50  (Advertising of 50 properties currently not available)
(See Advertising on for details

  • Select a Category and click “Go”

The page automatically forwards to the details section.

  • Select “Agent”
  • Submit the property details.  Title, description etc.

You must upload at least one photograph of the property, a total of 10 are allowed and can if you wish be added later by editing your advertisement.

Photographs must be less than 1MB (each) in size, there are several software options available to make photographs web ready, if you require some help please read our article How to make your photos web ready

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